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Jaded .035

Title: Jaded
Fandom: House, MD
Characters: Gregory House
Prompt: 035. Jaded
Word Count: 346
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Summary: An inner monologue on the subject of his ducklings.
Author's Notes: I am relatively new to this whole prompt writing thing, so I would love to hear what y'all think! :D

Gregory House was a cynical, misanthropic bastard. House knew it. Everyone who spent five minutes with the guy knew it.

He preferred the term 'life experience'. He was old, and in pain. He had every right to his jaded outlook on life. It's not like he was hurting anyone with it.


His thoughts strayed to the three doctors in his employ.

Foreman. He snorted, shaking his head. He had already been too much like House when he hired him. He was bright and focused, and his determination to prove he was as good as House (minus the biting sarcasm) was a neverending source of amusement for the diagnostician.

He thought of Chase, and his smirk widened. Chase was as loyal as a puppy dog (minus the whole Vogler fiasco). To Chase, House always had the answer. Hell, he could practically do no wrong, as far as the younger doctor was concerned. All House had to do was say, 'Jump', and he'd immediately ask, 'How high?' However, he grudgingly admitted that Chase's appreciation for his medical prowress was where the devotion ended.

His brow furrowed, as he thought about Cameron. She had come to him, naive and starry-eyed, which was mind-numbingly annoying because her idealistic view of the world had absolutely no basis in reality. (Though, he'd admit to no one, her stunning good looks were more than enough to make up for this relatively minor irritation). However, she had changed a lot in the more than two years that he'd known her. She'd become more like...well, him. And while he was proud that she was taking a more realistic view of the way things worked out here in the real world, he couldn't help feel the tiniest bit of regret mixed with it.

Allison Cameron may very well have been the last innocent person on Earth. Definitely the last he would ever come in contact with, and it made him very uncomfortable to think that he had been the cause of that loss of innocence.

This much he did know, that the one thing the world did not need was another Gregory House.
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