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100 Songs Fanfic Challenge

Challenge yourself!

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Community managed by saturnine_tears and sirius_starr

Welcome to 100songs; a new twist on fanfiction challenges inspired by the fanfic100 community! Come on in, make your claim and get writing! If writing’s not your thing? Come on in and read through some of the other stories and leave a few inspiring comments for those brave souls who have taken on the table!

Community How-To’s

Step 1. Join the community.



To all 100songs members!

Thank you all for so much for your participation! Never had my friend and I expected such a wonderful amount of people willing to take the challenge! You have all been absolutely terrific, and the stories that I have read were magnificent.

Sadly, college and work have taken up most, if not all, of my free time, and I can no longer manage the community. I have decided to just let new challengee-s to claim their characters/pairings/fandoms and post their stories on their own, without my having to accept each of them individually. I just do not have the time to devote to this community anymore, though I wish it to still run; its not fair to the active participants if I just take it down without warning.

PLEASE NOTE. This is NOT an invitation to spam, flame, or generally break rules. I will still be monitering the community when I have a chance. You may still report any issues that have as of yet been unsolved or unnoticed by emailing me at the email posted on my profile.

Thank you all, again, for all of your enthusiasm for this challenge and for making this such a wonderful experience!

I'm sorry for not being able to commit the time needed anymore, but real life calls. Its time for me to look to the future!

Again, Thanks.
Your community admin,

PS: We are still adding completed tables to the completed table entry, so please still post in that entry if you have finished a table!


Well, there's really only one rule, and that is please be respectful. This is a community where aspiring authors can work on their creativity, get noticed by others and just have fun posting their fics and receiving comments. Please do not flame anyone and do not troll. Constructive criticism is a wonderful tool, but don't be mean about it. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, or whatever. Yes.

Have fun, too!


Is there a deadline?

Nope, that’s the beauty of it! Take as much or as little time as you need to write your stories and complete your table!

What focuses are allowed?

You can pick anything! It can be an original character, a TV show, movie, comic book, novel, band or anything else that tickles your fancy! You can focus on the general fandom, a specific character or a specific pairing. Once you’ve chosen a single character, all of your fanfics must focus on that specific character. If you choose a pairing, not all of the fanfics have to focus on the pairing, but both characters do have to appear in those stories.

How many people are allowed to claim the same general fandom, character or pairing?

An unlimited number of people can post the same claim as I have faith that all of the fanfics written will differ from each other, even if the prompts are the same.

Are Real Person (RP) fics allowed?

Yep! Go for it! =)

Which ratings are allowed?

Stories posted can have any rating between G and NC17.

How long should each story be and what kinds of stories are allowed?

The minimum word count is 100 words for a drabble, and there is no maximum. They can be poems, songfics, drabbles, ficlets, character studies, vignettes, essays, even series! Anything goes!

Can I write a series?

Of course, just make sure that each chapter of the series uses a different prompt.

If I claim a certain fandom and decide I'd like to change my claim, can I do that?

Yes, you can, but only once. Please be advised that changing claims is an administrative headache and will only be done once per person, or for special circumstances. If you decide that you can't write for a certain fandom no matter how much you try, just drop your claim. Sorry folks!

Do I have to do all of the challenge tables?

Of course not! You can choose either table, whichever one suits you better. However, if you ARE really adventurous, go ahead and attempt both!

What if I don't like a song or can't get inspired by it?

If you don't like one or a few of the songs on the table you've chosen and absolutely cannot write on that topic, feel free to interchange that song with any song listed in the other table. However, please only switch a few songs, no more than 10 in your challenge. It wouldn't be a challenge if you could run free too much!

How do I go about posting the stories?

You can post stories in the community with everything save for the general information (see below) behind a cut tag. Post stories as you write them. If you write more than one at a time, please post all stories in the same post behind a cut tag, each labeled with individual general information forms.

Are fake cuts allowed?

Sure thing, go nuts!

How many fandoms can I claim at once?

You can claim as many as you feel you can write, but you must work on them all at once, not finish one then work on the other.

Can we post stories written for this community elsewhere?

Of course! Pimp your fic as you see fit!

Do the stories need to be written in order?

Of course not! Write whatever inspires you! If that means starting from 89, go for it!

How closely do the stories need to relate to the prompt words?

They do not need to be centered on the prompt words themselves and the words/lyrics do not need to be in the story, but the story must have the general feel of the prompt.

Are we allowed to claim more than one fandom within the same table?

No, you need a seperate table for every fandom you claim.

Are crossovers allowed?

Sure, but no more than 10 stories within a table can be crossovers unless you've claimed a crossover as your fandom.

Can I use a fanfic for more than one prompt?

No, you need to write 100 separate stories.

Can I use things I’ve written in the past for this challenge?

Sure, as long as the story fits a prompt.

What if I want to write two different fics for one song?

That's perfectly fine! Just put the second one under one of the writer's choice prompts!

What if the question I have isn’t posted here?

Please click here to ask your question and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Story Information

The following MUST be the minimum included in your story information. Add any applicable warnings if necessary.

Subject: (Claim Pairing/Character/General. Fic Number. Prompt.)
Example: LOST. 006. My Immortal.

Title: (your story title)
Fandom: (which fandom your claim is from)
Characters: (central characters in the fic)
Prompt: (which of the 100 prompts inspired this piece)
Word Count: (how many words in just the body of the story)
Rating: (G through NC17)
Warnings/Spoilers: (warn against offensive content and spoilers)
Summary: (what your story is about in a sentence or two)

The LJ cut to your fic

ALWAYS use an LJ cut, even if you are only posting a 100 word drabble!

Welcome to the community, I hope you have fun!


001.Dare You to Move 002.As I Lay Me Down to Sleep 003.It’s a Beautiful Life 004.Unwanted 005.Naked
006.My Immortal 007.There You’ll Be 008.Everything Burns 009.Superman (It’s Not Easy) 010.Hanging by a Moment
011.Hold On 012.Fly 013.Someone’s Watching Over Me 014.The Sacrament 015.Silver and Cold
016.You Raise Me Up 017.Numb 018.Reverie 019.Torn 020.Untitled
021.Angel 022.Wires 023.Meant to Live 024.Sand and Water 025.The Winner Takes it All
026.Scars 027.Listen to Your Heart 028.Faith of the Heart 029.Last Kiss 030.Hello
031.Broken 032.Float On 033.Sick Cycle Carousel 034.Miss a Thing 035.Jaded
036.Tomorrow 037.Wonderful World 038.Headstrong 039.Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door 040.Unwell
041.Dance Me to the End of Love 042.The Reason 043.Goodbye to You 044.Cry 045.Vindicated
046.Die for You 047.Beautiful Goodbye 048.Since U Been Gone 049.A Place for My Head 050.All Things Must Pass
051.Another One Bites the Dust 052.At the Beginning 053.Because of You 054.Blowin’ in the Wind 055.Butterfly
056.Chances 057.Cleaning Out My Closet 058.Concrete Angel 059.Crackerbox Palace 060.Cryin’
061.Drift Away 062.Drops of Jupiter 063.Early Morning Blues and Greens 064.Every Rose has it’s Thorns 065.Family Portrait
066.Flavor of the Weak 067.Good Riddance 068.Hallelujah 069.Hide 070.Innocent
071.I’ll be There for You 072.In My Life 073.Imagine 074.Iris 075.Just Breathe
076.Long Way Round 077.Look Through My Eyes 078.Make Your Own Kind of Music 079.More Than Love 080.One Last Breath
081.Rain 082.Right Kind of Wrong 083.Sex on the Beach 084.Show Me Love 085.So in Love with Two
086.Strange Disease 087.Superman’s Dead 088.Television 089.The Times They Are a’ Changing 090.Too Bad
091.Unanswered Prayers 092.November Rain 093.Wash Away 094.Why Haven’t I Heard from You 095.Wild Horses
096.You Ain’t the First 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

Please copy and paste the above HTML code into a post in your journal so you can keep track of your stories and then leave the link to your table here.

Not familiar with some of the songs? Click here for a table of lyrics for each of the songs!


001.Waiting (Save Your Life) 002.I Hope You Dance 003.Whatever Happened to the Heroes 004.Always Come Back to You 005.Shed My Skin
006.Everybody’s Fool 007.Walk Away 008.The Ghost of You 009.Fallen 010.Best of You
011.On Fire 012.Knowing Me, Knowing You 013.Together 014.I’m No Superman 015.Overkill
016.When You Say You Love Me 017.A Moment Like This 018.Waiting for My Real Life to Begin 019.Let Go 020.Someday We’ll Know
021.Learning to Breathe 022.Synesthesia 023.The Days of the Phoenix 024.This Love 025.Harder to Breathe
026.She Will Be Loved 027.Take Me Away 028.Miss Independent 029.Someday 030.Wherever You Will Go
031.Let it Go 032.I Miss You 033.In the End 034.I Hate Everything About You 035.I Love Myself Today
036.Boulevard of Broken Dreams 037.White Flag 038.Surrender 039.Tears in Heaven 040.Bridge Over Troubled Water
041.Colorblind 042.Adam’s Song 043.Crash and Burn 044.Truly, Madly, Deeply 045.You’re Beautiful
046.Never Ever 047.Play Dead 048.Holy Tears 049.Insatiable 050.The Leaving Song
051.Come Clean 052.Anywhere but Here 053.Don’t Turn Around 054.The Sign 055.I'm Your Man
056.Pretending 057.And Love Said No 058.In Joy and Sorrow 059.Heartache Every Moment 060.Monday Morning
061.Introduction to a Broken Heart 062.Be As 063.Angels 064.On My Own 065.Poetic Tragedy
066.Go the Distance 067.Going Under 068.You and Me 069.Beautiful 070.Thank You
071.Perfect 072.Accidentally in Love 073.Cry Me a River 074.Bless the Broken Road 075.I Will Remember You
076.Wrong Impression 077.Unpretty 078.Somewhere Over the Rainbow 079.Never had a Dream Come True 080.Nothing to Lose
081.Lies 082.Homeward Bound 083.Crawling 084.Breaking the Habit 085.Landslide
086.Pieces of Me 087.El Condor Pasa 088.The Sound of Silence 089.Rainy Day Man 090.Fighter
091.Live Like You Were Dyin’ 092.The Color of Blue 093.Turn Back Time 094.Good Guys 095.Good Morning Sunshine
096.The Noose 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

Please copy and paste the above HTML code into a post in your journal so you can keep track of your stories and then leave the link to your table here.

Not familiar with some of the songs? Click here for a table of lyrics for each of the songs!


001.Learn to be Lonely 002.Beautiful 003.It’s About Time 004.Allstar 005.Underneath Your Clothes
006.Incomplete 007.I Survived You 008.Pitiful 009.All I Ask of You 010.Defying Gravity
011.Holding Out for a Hero 012.Believe 013.Love is a Battlefield 014.I’m a Believer 015.Two in a Million
016.Viva Forever 017.Goodbye My Friend 018.Calling Dr. Love 019.Invisible 020.Heartbreak Lullaby
021.Drowning 022.Perfect Day 023.Echo 024.Boom 025.Seein’ Red
026.Selfish 027.On the Line 028.Angel 029.A Thousand Miles 030.Gravity Rides Everything
031.Gravity 032.Picture 033.Bad Day 034.The First Cut is the Deepest 035.As Long As You’re Mine
036.The Prayer 037.Where is the Love 038.Quit Playing Games with My Heart 039.Don’t Phunk with My Heart 040.Love is Only a Feeling
041.The Future 042.I Believe in a Thing Called Love 043.Growing on Me 044.The Last to Know 045.Stronger
046.Remember When it Rained 047.For Good 048.No Good Deed 049.My Heart Will Go On 050.What is this Feeling
051.Savin’ Me 052.How You Remind Me 053.California 054.Love Spell 055.Here Without You
056.Life Will Go On 057.Desert Rose 058.Fields of Innocence 059.Here is Gone 060.That Don’t Impress Me Much
061.One Thing 062.Unbreak My Heart 063.Faith 064.Dancing With Myself 065.Arms Wide Open
066.Disease 067.Gonna Change the World 068.Here Comes the Sun 069.Stand by Me 070.Tainted Love
071.Love Me Do 072.Closure 073.Fever 074.Fall Back Down 075.River Below
076.Welcome to My Life 077.She’s All I Ever Had 078.Private Emotion 079.Reflection 080.Going Under
081.Bring Me to Life 082.Haunted 083.Imaginary 084.Taking Over Me 085.Touch
086.I Don’t Want to Wait 087.Do You Only Wanna Dance 088.Baby, I’m a Train Wreck 089.Missing You 090.Karma Chameleon
091.Time of My Life 092.Kryptonite 093.More to Life 094.Eye of the Tiger 095.Blessed
096.Out Here on My Own 097.Writer’s Choice 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

Please copy and paste the above HTML code into a post in your journal so you can keep track of your stories and then leave the link to your table here.

Not familiar with some of the songs? Click here for a table of lyrics for each of the songs!

Have fun and good luck authors!


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10_er_fics 100_women 100_situations
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50passages 55themes 7musicalmuses
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stargatefic100 varietypack100 words_fly_up
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15_spells 20_cities 25_themes
30_caresses 30_contests 30_disasters
30_distractions 30_dreams 30_movies
30_passions 30_quests 30_reflections
30_scifi 30_stories 30_treats
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